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Georgian Wines and Spirits Company Ltd. (GWS) was founded in 1993 as a joint venture between Pernod Ricard and Georgian shareholders. Since July 2011, Marussia Beverages has been the sole owner of the company. GWS produces Georgian wines and spirits (Chacha) which are then distributed through the Marussia Beverages Group network and other non-group distributors both in Georgia and abroad. 2 brands, Tamada and Old Tbilisi compose a diversified portfolio of Dry, Semi-Sweet and Sparkling wines. The high quality of GWS products and growing popularity of its brands have a high potential to access the most important and profitable markets in the future. GWS wines are successfully distributed in the biggest countries of CIS – Ukraine, Kazakhstan, Belarus, have significant sales in Baltic countries, Japan, Germany etc. GWS production facilities allow the complete winemaking process of its products. It has been one of the first companies in Georgia that has been certified by ISO 9001 in 2005 and ISO 22000 in 2008.